The Faces of Eagle Outdoor

-Since 1985-

Dan Walcott -President

Dan Walcott the founder of Eagle Outdoor started painting billboards at the age of fifteen. He literally “learned the ropes” by apprenticing for Lockridge Outdoor who hand painted billboards on site hanging from a swing stage for Whiteco. Other tasks as an employee were building billboards, leasing, and selling ad space for Lockridge. When the new outdoor advertising company sold, Dan worked as a house painter briefly and painted signs at night. In 1984 Dan struck out independently starting Eagle Outdoor Sign Co. Inc. Lettering signs and vehicles along with a contract with billboard painting for National 3M, raised enough money to build Eagle’s first 6’x12’ billboard. With permission to start in an old hog barn, there was no looking back.

Heidi Walcott -Vice President

Heidi is the glue that keeps our company heading in a positive path. Married to Dan for over 35 years, Heidi is the voice of reason. Heidi spends most of her time enjoying our Grandchildren. 

Darren Walcott -Vice President

Darren has been part of Eagle since riding in a car seat while Dad checked billboards. Darren started full time in 2014. Working with the books, billposting, billboard construction, and sales are his many contributions.

Travis Harris -Contractor

Travis is not only a great installer but a good friend. Travis learned to hand paint signs being taught by Dutch Mullet in High School. He joined Eagle in his 20's but later created his own company called Harris Signs. Travis helps us with installation and keeping our deer population in check! 

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