Frequently asked questions

We want you to be confident in putting your trust in us to get your message out.

Artwork Specs

We provide free art design. If you wish to send your own, please see below:

Original File Formats Preferred

Submit your computer generated files in original format if possible. For example, if your artwork is done using Photoshop, send the original Photoshop document as a layered .psd file. Or, if it was done in Illustrator, send an .ai file with all support files and fonts. Color correction is much easier if the file is not flattened.

Include Support Files

Send all attachments, support files, and fonts with your artwork. For example, if you have a illustrator file with pictures, send all support files, including logos and fonts, along with the layout. If the photos are parsed instead of placed inside the file, it limits color corrections.

File Types to Avoid

Avoid using Microsoft Software (Work,Excel,Notepad, etc). These formats have to be converted to a PDF or JPEG format. When converted, problems occur with type and the layout is compromised. If this is your only option, convert the files before sending so if the layout is affected you can catch it.

Convert Fonts

Convert fonts to outlines or curves when possible. This eliminates the need for Sending fonts.

Scanned Images

Scanned images should be between 300 dpi and 600 dpi CMYK. File size for an average photograph should be around 50 to 100 megabytes. Avoid using images off of Web Pages as they tend to be too low res.

Accepted Programs

We stay up to date on all the latest versions of popular design software. Adobe Illustrator • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe InDesign • Corel Draw


We lease or purchase our locations.

Most of our locations are leased with an annual payment. We have many "Grandfathered" locations but NEW locations typically are constructed on Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing, or other Business Zoning classifications. 

Billboards are highly regulated.

If your property conforms with Local, County, & State regulations we may be interested in speaking with you!

Location Rotation

"I want to pick my locations."

In our Junior Poster "Location Rotation" plan, we move clients approximately every 60 days from one location face to another.  Your investment with us is boosted because you are able to gain more exposure to different traffic patterns. Because of the needs of all, we reserve the right to place your message in locations of our choosing. 

We won't post your ad in areas that will not help you.

It doesn't help either of us to place your message in an area outside your needs. We are thankful for clients who continue to renew. We can't keep you if we don't help you succeed. 


Please discuss your thoughts & ideas with your sales representative. We need to understand your needs. Some clients like to email us a "Wishlist" of locations they like best. We keep this information in mind while charting all the ads in our system each month.


Eagle is not a franchise.

Dan Walcott founded Eagle Outdoor Sign, Co. Inc. in 1985. Dan liked the idea of using an Eagle for marketing purposes. People remember "Eagle" probably more than Walcott.

Other Eagles!

We are one of (3) Eagle named OOH companies. 

Eagle Sign Studio in Montgomery, AL.

MacGregor Hodges is a former partner and great friend.

(334) 832-4000

Eagle Displays

Huntington Beach, CA

We get a few calls for Dave Lindsey but he is not associated with our company.

(877) 663-2453

Have another question?

Please feel free to contact us. We enjoy our craft and the people we get to know.